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OVERSTOCK.COM, INC filed this Form 10-K on 03/15/2018

Soto. DeSoto intends to build systems using blockchain, social media, artificial intelligence, and mobile apps to help develop more effective records of ownership in developing countries. DeSoto does not currently have a specific plan to generate revenues or profits, and does not expect to generate revenues or profits in the foreseeable future. See "Risk Factors—Risks Relating to Our Company - Our 50% subsidiary DeSoto, Inc. is a public benefit corporation."

All of the companies in which Medici Ventures holds strategic interests are startup businesses, businesses in the development stage or businesses with a short operating history. See "Risk Factors—Risks Relating to Our Medici Business."


Medici Ventures' majority-owned subsidiary tZERO is a financial technology company pursuing potential financial applications of blockchain technologies as well as non-blockchain businesses. tZERO is currently involved in, among other things, the following:

Non-blockchain services - SpeedRoute and PRO Securities. tZERO owns two registered broker-dealers, SpeedRoute, LLC ("SpeedRoute") and PRO Securities, L.L.C. ("PRO Securities"). SpeedRoute is an electronic, agency‑only Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ("FINRA")-registered broker-dealer that provides connectivity for its customers to U.S. equity exchanges as well as off-exchange sources of liquidity such as dark pools. All of SpeedRoute's customers are registered broker-dealers. SpeedRoute does not hold, own or sell securities. PRO Securities is a FINRA-registered broker-dealer that owns and operates the PRO Securities alternative trading system (the "PRO Securities ATS"), which has filed a Form ATS with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") notifying the SEC of its activities as an alternative trading system, or ATS. An ATS is exempted from the definition of an "exchange" under Section 3(a)(1) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act") if it complies with Regulation ATS, which includes, among other things, the requirement to register as a broker-dealer and file a Form ATS with the SEC to provide notice of the ATS's operations. Although Section 3(a)(1) provides the definition of an exchange, Exchange Act Rule 3b-16(a) provides a functional test to assess whether a trading system meets this definition—an entity or organization that (1) brings together the orders for securities of multiple buyers and sellers; and (2) uses established, non-discretionary methods (whether by providing a trading facility or by setting rules) under which such orders interact with each other, and the buyers and sellers entering such orders agree to the terms of the trade. A system that meets the criteria of Rule 3b-16(a), and is not excluded under Rule 3b-16(b), must register as a national securities exchange pursuant to Sections 5 and 6 of the Exchange Act or operate pursuant to an appropriate exemption. A frequently used exemption, which is relied upon by the PRO Securities ATS, is the exemption in Rule 3a1-1(a)(2) that exempts an ATS that complies with Regulation ATS. As a result, provided that it complies with the requirements of Regulation ATS, the PRO Securities ATS is not subject to the registration requirement of Section 5 of the Exchange Act. The PRO Securities ATS is a closed system available only to its broker dealer subscribers. PRO Securities does not accept orders from non-broker dealers, nor does it hold, own or sell securities.

Non-blockchain services - Automated Investment Advisory Services. tZERO recently purchased 65.8% of the membership units of ES Capital Advisors, LLC ("ES Capital"), a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. tZERO now operates the ES Capital business under the name tZERO Advisors and offers automated investment advisory services through our website's FinanceHub.

Non-blockchain services - StockCross Financial Services, Inc. On January 31, 2018, tZERO purchased a 24% interest in StockCross Financial Services, Inc. ("StockCross"), an affiliate of Siebert Financial Corp. ("Siebert"), and an interest in Siebert, for $12 million. As of the date of this Report, tZERO holds approximately 5.1% of Siebert's outstanding common stock. tZERO believes that StockCross, a self-clearing brokerage firm, will be an important part of a network of financial firms that tZERO intends to assemble.

Non-blockchain services - Agreement with Muriel Siebert & Co. On December 31, 2017, tZERO, SpeedRoute and Muriel Siebert & Co. Inc. ("Muriel Siebert") entered into an agreement pursuant to which Muriel Siebert is now advertising discounted online trading of U.S. equity securities on Overstock's website.

Non-blockchain services - Acquisition of Majority Interest in Verify Investor, LLC. On February 12, 2018, tZERO purchased 81.0% of Verify Investor, LLC, an accredited investor verification company, for $12.0 million in cash.

Non-blockchain services - Weeden Prime Services- Letter of Intent. On February 6, 2018, tZERO entered into a Letter of Intent (the "WPS LOI") with Weeden Prime Services, LLC ("WPS"), a U.S. registered broker-dealer. The WPS LOI contemplates that tZERO will acquire 51% of the outstanding membership interests of WPS for $11.0