When was Overstock.com incorporated?

Overstock.com Inc. was incorporated in Delaware on February 27, 2002.

When is Overstock.com’s fiscal year-end?

December 31. With quarter ends on March 31, June 30, and September 30.

When did Overstock.com go public and at what price?

Overstock.com went public May 30, 2002 at an offering price of $13 per share.

What is an OpenIPO and why did Overstock.com select it?

Devised by W. R. Hambrecht, the Open IPO is an innovative way to raise capital through a public auction that distributes stock to individuals and institutions efficiently and equitably. All successful bidders pay the same price per share. With this format, the public is determining the fair market value of the stock. Overstock.com chose this system because it of its impartiality and fairness, and because it allowed Overstock.com customers to invest in the company they support.

Who is Overstock.com’s transfer agent?

(781) 575-2879 – phone

How can I invest in Overstock.com?

Overstock.com does not have direct stock purchase plan. However you can buy shares of Overstock.com by contacting a brokerage firm. Overstock.com common stock is traded on The Nasdaq Global Market.

Where can I find Overstock.com’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Overstock.com's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission are available by clicking here. They can also be obtained directly from the SEC's Web site at www.sec.gov under Filings and Forms (EDGAR)/ Search for Company Filings/Companies and Other Filers and enter Overstock.com’s ticker symbol OSTK.

How can I receive a copy of your annual report or proxy statement?

Overstock.com does not produce a glossy annual report. Our Form10-K and annual proxy statements are available in the SEC Filings section of our website. The most recent Form 10-K and proxy statement are also available in the proxy materials section of the web site. A physical copy of these materials can be requested via US mail here.

Can I vote on my proxy ballot electronically rather than through the mail?

Yes. A link to vote your shares is available in the proxy materials section of the web site.

What company performs Overstock.com's independent accounting audits?


Does Overstock.com pay dividends?

Common stock: The company has never declared or paid any dividends on its common stock, and presently intends to continue this policy.
Series A and B Preferred: Although not legally required, we intend to pay holders of Series A and Series B Preferred Stock annual cash dividends of $0.16 per share, when declared by our Board of Directors. In addition, holders of Series A and Series B Preferred Stock would participate in any cash dividend we pay to the holders of the common stock, and also have certain rights to participate in any non-cash dividends we pay to the holders of the common stock.

When is Overstock.com’s annual shareholder’s meeting?

Overstock.com schedules its annual shareholder meeting in May of each year. The details of time and location will be announced through a company press release before the event.

What is Overstock.com’s Mission Statement and Vision?

Overstock’s Mission: Dream Homes for All
Overstock’s Vision: Overstock makes beautiful & comfortable homes accessible by helping customers easily & confidently find just what they want for less.

How many warehouses does Overstock.com have?

Overstock.com has warehouses in Kansas City, Kansas; Carlisle, Pennsylvania; and Fontana, California

How can I contact Overstock.com Investor Relations?

Please visit our Contact Us page